In the main playroom for children aged 3-5 years we implement
Curriculum for Excellence . We follow the early level experiences
and outcomes which set out expectations for learning and
development in the following areas: Literacy and English, Numeracy
and Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies, Health and Wellbeing,
Expressive Arts, Religious and Moral Education and Social Studies.
We focus on children as individuals and as active, independent and
responsive learners. We involve them in their own learning through
the use of Talking and Thinking Books, Individual Learning Diaries
and Mind Maps and take their views and interests into consideration
when planning. We motivate them to become successful learners,
confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective
contributors and to celebrate their achievements. Children's
welfare is paramount and we follow the principles of GIRFEC. Key
workers make good use of the Wellbeing Indicators and work
closely with parents to ensure that their children's health, social
and emotional needs are also met. We are very well resourced with
good quality play equipment and materials on offer both indoors and
out. We endeavour to provide at least 50% of the curriculum
outdoors and recognise the importance of outdoor play to children's
health and wellbeing.